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Ensuring the security of your home or business is a very important and crucial aspect of living. There have been various ways over the years in which safety has been assured by various companies by the manufacture of reinforced window glass, high security doors and the invention of the deadbolt. The deadbolt is a high security padlock that has by far proven to be the most successful and reliable way to ensure the safety of your life and property. There are various factors to consider before you go ahead to pick a deadbolt brand with which to protect yourself. Before you buy a deadbolt, you have to ensure it has been approved by the American National Standard Institute, also known as ANSI. Deadbolts come in either Grade 1 or 2 ANSI specifications. If you're looking for a deadbolt to protect your business, then you need a Grade 1 ANSI specified deadbolt with which to protect your front doors.


Furthermore, noting how there have been new ways for thieves and burglars to pick locks and break into homes and businesses, you also have to ensure that the bolt of is high quality. Before ANSI gives a grade specification to a multi lock, the product will have to undergo certain open and closed test cycles. During these tests, a commercial grade deadbolt should be able to withstand 10 consecutive hammer blows without breaking or getting dented. The bolt should also project into the frame with about 1 inch, to ensure difficult access to intruders. Getting a deadbolt lock that has undergone this test means it'll be quite tedious for intruders to break into your property. To learn more about security locks, visit


The entry door locks comes with two different cylinders; the single cylinder and the double cylinder. When deciding which cylinder to choose, it is imperative you consider your safety first. A single cylinder will enable you to lock and unlock it from inside without a key. This choice wouldn't be advisable for you if you have glass front doors which the intruder can just break, and then open the door from within without the key. While a double cylinder requires a key both ways, and offers a somewhat safer choice, it will be a lot more difficult for you to exit your apartment in the case of an emergency which will further endanger your life and wellbeing. A single cylinder bolt should be the preferred option for the front door lock in your home, if your front doors aren't made of glass. While using a deadbolt is a good step to ensuring your safety, the type of deadbolt you choose will further reinforce your decision. Remember to get the services of a professional locksmith to install them properly.