Best Door Locks

Reasons Why Your Home and Business Deserve High Security Locks



The security of your home and business should never be overlooked or neglected. Most people will look to purchase high tech and expensive security devices or deterrents like burglar alarms, closed circuit camera systems and electronic access control systems. Most often, it is the simple lock that is often overlooked. Door locks act as a physical security and secures the establishment from intruders at the most basic level. A weak door lock can affect the overall security of the  premises High security locks remain as one of the best ways to secure the critical areas of the home or building. These are some of the most important reasons why you should switch to high security locks.


Drill and Pick Resistant


Mul T Lock, unlike ordinary ones, were specially designed to resist a pick or drill attack. Standard door locks can be easily picked within seconds with a little training or practice. High security locks feature pick resistant technologies that can prevent someone picking or manipulating the lock. Intruders and criminals will try to drill a hole at the top of the cylinder to create a line so that the lock can be opened. Cylinders of high security locks are designed to be drill resistant.


Resistance to Physical Attack and Restricted Key System


High Security Locks such as deadbolt locks are created with standard reinforced plates that increases the resistance to physical attack such as a strong blow or kick. This is an important security feature to consider for your business or home. Another feature to consider about high security locks is their patented key control. Keys of high security locks may only be duplicated by authorized locksmiths. Some keys even have a signature verification to prevent anyone from getting your keys copied. This feature allows you to have tight control over unauthorized duplication of keys for your home or business. Know more about security locks in


Lasting Durability and Quality


Simply said, high security door locks are just built better, having all steel and brass components inside that resists being easily broken or destroyed by an intruder. High security locks are more expensive than the common lock. However, despite being more costly, they do come with a lifetime mechanical warranty that attests to the reliability and durability of high security locks such as Mul-T-Lock products. Cost should not be an issue when it comes to providing security protecting your business and your home.